Peter Benchley’s Novel and 1977 Movie THE DEEP Were Inspired by Teddy Tucker’s Exploits

“Teddy Tucker was the inspiration for The Deep. Absolutely. With the license of fiction, Romer Treece is Teddy Tucker. All of the information came from him. The Constellation, which he took me on, became the Goliath. The parallels are infinite and Teddy after all was in the movie. My grandfather Robert Benchley went to Bermuda regularly, as did my father Nathaniel. I grew up with them (Teddy, and his wife Edna, and daughter Wendy.) I met them in 1969 or ’70 when the national Geographic sent me down to tell the story of Bermuda by the shipwrecks around it. And the way you did that of course was to be put in touch with Teddy Tucker. The man is a walking encyclopedia, one of the great autodidacts in the history of science. Here is a man who, on his own, has become one of the world’s leading experts on everything from coins to ships, to nautical history, to underwater archaeology, to painting and glassware. Here is a man who had been dismissed for many years by serious scientists, and only now have they begun to realize that he knows 10 times more than most of them do.”

Peter Benchley, Princeton, New Jersey
March 1993

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